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Amanda Walker

  • Develop strategies to grow and diversify the economy.
  • Enhance and develop educational provision, especially at Higher levels.
  • Explore partnerships with more UK Universities to enhance our student offer on island.
  • Revisit legislation regarding rented accommodation.
  • Develop adult education opportunities to learn languages that are economically relevant.
  • Slim down government by eliminating waste and duplication.
  • Consider the Lisvane report and develop strategy.
  • Promote training and development opportunities.
  • Celebrate and support our creative sector as I consider this is a key economic sector.
  • Maintain and enhance Healthcare.
  • Resolve as fairly as possible the Pensions issue.
  • Meet the challenge and opportunities created by Brexit.
  • Encourage brown field development where possible or regenerate existing buildings.
  • Celebrate the cultural diversity that East Douglas has to offer.
  • Represent ALL or our people to the very best of my abilities. I will consult through weekly surgeries in East Douglas.

My full manifesto will be delivered closer to the election date. To contact me anytime please use my e.mail or text 414995
I hope to enjoy your support on Election Day and you can be confident of mine if elected.
Representation of the People Act 1995.
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